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Montreal, September 2, 2010 – ProDrive Systems Inc today announced the launch of its ProDrive for KaVo program. With the purchase of a 3-pack of ProDrive Upgrade Turbines for KaVo handpieces the dentist receives a 3-year, hassle free warranty. ProDrive is able to provide this lengthy warranty due to its robust and unique chuck design. While friction grip chucks in traditional turbines suffer increasing wear over time, which diminishes cut quality and speed; ProDrive’s unique design continues to provide “like new” cut performance for the life of the turbine, resulting in the added benefit of long-term durability.

Details of the program can be found at

The patented ProDrive System is a turbine upgrade compatible with today's leading brand high-speed handpieces (Kavo®, Midwest®, Sirona®, Star Dental®, W&H®). It allows dentists to continue using their preferred handpiece – yet empowers their instrument for superior performance. ProDrive Turbines work in conjunction with ProDrive Diamond and Carbide Burs, all of which can be lengthened 3mm and have double grooves enabling them to be safely locked in place.

Through extensive research and development ProDrive has produced products that not only improve handpiece performance and cut quality but that have the reputation of being long lasting, durable, and providing unprecedented value.”

For more information about ProDrive Systems and the ProDrive for KaVo program visit

The United States ProDrive for KaVo program launched, September 2nd, 2010.

The Canadian ProDrive for KaVo program launches October 1st, 2010.

About ProDrive Systems
ProDrive Systems Inc. is revolutionizing high-speed handpieces with its triangular bur and engaged drive turbine system that improves the performance of dental handpieces and enhances practice efficiency. Visit for more information.


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