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ProDrive receives award in medical design category of 20th annual Excellence Design competition. Winners will be highlighted in the June 2007 issue of Appliance Design magazine.

Montreal, April 26, 2007 – ProDrive Systems Inc. was selected for an award in the medical design category of the 20th Annual Excellence in Design competition. Past winners include Siemens and Medtronic. An independent panel of three design experts evaluated entrants on four criteria: aesthetics, human factors, innovation and technical merits. This award was based on ProDrive's innovative design approach to resolving a dental industry problem. 

The ProDrive System is comprised of the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine and the ProDrive Bur. Traditional friction grip handpieces often suffer torque loss when cutting hard materials. Such torque loss reduces cutting power and causes unwanted friction and heat. The innovative 100% Torque Transfer feature of the ProDrive System ensures the bur always turns in sync with the turbine, thereby improving the cutting power as well as the durability and reliability of dental handpieces. In addition, the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine is designed with superior quality components.

Jean Castonguay, President and CEO, ProDrive Systems Inc., said, "Dentists are plagued by performance compromises with today's dental handpieces (drills). Handpiece product designs, now over three decades old, have not evolved to improve product performance and efficiency. Although virtually all drill applications in the world use a drive system, the dental industry was continuing to rely on the inefficient friction grip design which contributes to performance loss and frequent component wear.

The design challenge was substantial - the internal components can be balanced on your finger nail. By approaching the challenge from a unique perspective we have been able to resolve the problems and secure 14 patents that improve both the quality and speed of dentistry."

About ProDrive Systems

ProDrive Systems Inc. designs and develops products with patented innovation that revolutionize the conventional standards of performance and durability of modern dental instruments. ProDrive Systems' innovative drive-lock design is the world's first turbine/bur system to improve the performance and safety of dental handpieces.

Contact: Mark Scott, Director of Marketing & Sales
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